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MegaZenith Engineering Company is the perfect partner for afloat repairs with the greatest access to wharfage and shore facilities.

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MegaZenith Engineering Company Sells and Buys for a Wide Range of Industries

Here at MegaZenith Engineering Company, we offer Worldclass Power Lifting Equipments, Industrial Generators and Engines for a variety of Industries.

Our Target Customers

Oil and Gas
Data Centers
And Many More!

Our Major Locations

United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, HongKong, Singapore, Major Agents Worldwide

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See our Amazing Inventory and Find the Right Equipment for you

MegaZenith Engineering Company prides itself in offering top notch Lifting Equipment, Industrial Parts in the following categories.

Medical Equipment

All our Medical Equipment are fully tested, Inspected and ready to ship!

Petroleum Drilling/Marine Engines

Search our variety of Petroleum Drilling/Marine Engines, ready to ship anywhere!

Civil Engineering Equipment

Our New/Used Civil Engineering Equipment are ready to ship at competitive low prices!

Generator Sets-Ready To Ship

Our Generator Sets are ready to ship at competitive low prices!

Industrial Engines

We carry the top brands in industrial engines, tested and ready to ship!

Marine Transmissions

Looking for Marine Transmissions, we offer a variety of brands ready to ship.

Lifting Equipments/ Power Units

All our Power Units are fully tested, Inspected and ready to ship!

All Generator Sets

Our Generator Sets are ready to ship at competitive low prices!

Why People Trust Us

MegaZenith Engineering Company, We Guarantee Superior Integrity and Quality Assurance.

Top Notch Value

Save time and money when you buy from MegaZenith Engineering Company. We either have it or we know where to get it fast.


Our knowledge of buying and selling power generation equipment can help you get the right unit, at the right time, and at the right price.


All of our units undergo the MegaZenith Engineering Company Process, which includes expert servicing and rigorous testing. Certified units carry the MegaZenith Engineering Company Guarantee!

Prompt Delivery

We deliver worldwide with swift response and we are up always online to enable you track the shipment of the equipment you buy from us.


Our Clients Worldwide are always happy with our services and it’s swiftness and they are always willing to drop their reviews when requested. Below are some of our top reviews and we are happy we have put a smile on the faces of clients as regard to our services. This space is always updated as we get more reviews.

"I have been purchasing Industrial Equipment from MegaZenith Engineering Company since 2007, they have never let me down and have been consistently brilliant. Their customer service is excellent always giving that extra touch and I would recommend them to anyone"
Maria Eve
"I needed a last minute Order of Spare Parts for a job I was implementing for a client and MegaZenith Engineering Company were one of the companies that came up from a Google search. They were not the first company I contacted but on speaking with the customer care, I knew they were going to deliver! They picked up my request and within the half hour I got what I was looking for; I made payment and with no waste of time, the equipment's was delivered to me.
Liam Bower
"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. You are always prompt in your email responses and never fail to ‘deliver’ (excuse the pun!) You all do a great job and it makes a huge difference. Genuine thank you for making my job easier by being so efficient"

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